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Basic mental health care

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of taking care of yourself, your overall health, your quality of life!

Mental health care implies an interest in one’s own growth and development, in improving one’s mental functioning, emotional literacy, achieving quality partnerships and interpersonal relationships, developing one’s authenticity, spontaneity and creativity because we as humans are able to take care of our lives and behavior, to we will be aware of our sensations, thoughts, feelings. We are able to make self-conscious choices and be responsible for our choices and have the potential to live efficiently and contentedly.

In addition to this mental-hygienic aspect, which I deliberately put in the first place, there is another aspect, and that is the treatment of mental disorders and diseases (surviving trauma, depression, prolonged anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, etc.). Even people who deal with the first aspect, and do not suffer from mental disorders, are sufficiently stigmatized and mostly characterized by the environment as “strange”. When it comes to people who are treating some of their mental state, disorder, stagnation, illness, then the stigmatization is even greater and reaches dimensions that hinder the successful course of treatment.

Although mental health problems and illnesses are very common and affect each of us throughout life (some people less some more), our friends, family, colleagues, society as a whole, although many people suffer from depression, and the number of people who self-harm and suicide, yet a strong social stigma related to mental illness leads to the fact that people who suffer experience discrimination in various fields of life, not only by society, but also by family, friends, employers.

The prejudices that exist in relation to people with mental health problems paint the image that their environment has towards them. They are believed to be violent, dangerous, and the truth is that there is actually a much higher chance that these people will hurt themselves than someone else. Truth be told, if these emotionally sensitive people had another way to deal with the world around them, many of them would not even get sick.

we spoke with specialist mortgage advsiors at to understand the problems faced in the workplace. ‘mental health in the workplace is becoming a big issue and employers need to be more open to helping there employee’s deal with it. Reducing stress in the workplace can really help anyone suffering from poor mental health.

It often happens that due to some life circumstances and experiences, people get stuck in certain patterns of behavior and beliefs, and because of that, their communication with the environment, and with themselves, becomes bad and malnourished and their mental health is impaired. There are setbacks, resistance, rigidity, control, anxiety.

Then, instead of retreating in front of the eyes of the environment, it is more fruitful to seek the help of experts (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists) and explore your own share in creating the situation in which a person finds himself. People often do not know that the mental health professionals at their disposal are already in mental health dispensaries at health centers (to which general practitioners should refer), in specialized mental health institutions (eg the Institute for Mental Health). health in Palmotićeva), as well as in numerous private psychological counseling centers. In this way, we become responsible to ourselves and have a chance to find new, more creative ways to face the challenges we face.

How to Develop Positive Attitude?

How to develop a positive attitude? Why, if you want to develop a positive attitude to succeed in life – in fact to succeed in life, it is necessary to change the way you think and perceive things around you. Positive view of the most common quality of successful people around the world. They live and breathe positivety. Spend some time in their company and will soon believe – as they do – which is not possible for them. No one can take, there’s nothing you can possess. A positive development and nothing is impossible, life becomes easier and success with achievable.Foster negative attitude and it will be harder to create problems of living for himself, making it impossible to succeed.

It It is estimated that the flow of ideas in our minds at a speed of 600 words per minute – ten ideas that, every second, because it is human nature to worry, was able to largely negative thoughts in nature. Will create negative thoughts and negative attitudes create negative negative life. Negative thoughts are weeds in the garden to mind. If you want a beautiful garden without mercy must uproot the weeds. If not, it will likely take over the whole garden.

Developing a positive attitude starts with you

Immediately after the “stop” to rethink his ideas in the minds of different positive or positive.

Board of four positive development. Reading self help books like The Power of PositiveHabits and courses will only deal with all the positive things in the right direction.

Avoid spending time with negative people or cynical. Attitude is contagious, so make sure you associate with positive people hope.

Realizing that others can do for you. Develop a positive attitude are required perseverance and dedication, but, as each skill is learned, it becomes easier with practice. Remember that the effects will cancel the attempt to develop a positive attitude to one hundred times.

How To Develop Positive Attitude In Life

The Law of Attraction – Attracting Prosperity in Your Life

This website is dedicated to describe the interesting idea of law using meditation, contemplation, visualization, affirmation and constructive artistic self-confidence to lead a better life. The law of attraction with the organic law. However, this approach completely different person, you can search for a better exclusive.Sometimes statement, just for you, be a little strong. Here are some affirmations abundance of money that we applied in the previous Act or other practitioner of the email is an object of the universe is infinite us.The. There are more than enough wealth for everyone in this world. When you start any business relating to the Law of Attraction, is a great declaration is required, and confident in your statement is required. Want to be able to think and believe it is certainly legitimate. Many people are “wrong” mentality. This case statement can also help save the barriers for each area are considered “weak.

I also want to meet to achieve the affirmation feels. If you choose to claim the logical brain can not imagine could be done, it will occur primarily because the Earth will understand that imagination and feeling. You can start with something relatively small and can get the feeling it is to achieve a new step toward more assertive. When you get a logical child of the steps that will be used to foster the idea of ??having every little thing that I want, and you comfortable affirmation.When you have found employment income statement is more effective on your behalf, will addressed and to say that at least 5 times a day. Make sure to bring your claim is worth considering. Close your eyes and think of the words escaped her lips. Dealing with words like sacred mantra, when it comes to the leaves of the sentence, the universe and things are going for exactly what they say you.Make make sure you do not “overcome” their claims. When you feel like the only correct statement is made for you, to fix one thing to show the development of ideas and feelings of confidence And when your statement is fully consistent with the Earth, you’ll go up one step to reflect the new life.

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